Welcome To Tafnidilt

Important building, inspired by the traditional "KSOURS" but adapted to the reception of travelers liking more authentic than sophisticated.
   Since the beginning of its construction (2000) we have tried to make it a place at the height of the exceptional site that nature offers us all around, without being obliged to make many kilometers of track, to taste the beauty and serenity .

Leave the road (Guelmim-Tan-Tan) 20 km before Tan Tan, take the track, and after 6 km you will find the KSAR .GPS: N 28 ° 32'775, W 010 ° 59'569. This track continues and will lead you to the mouth of (20 km), Cape Draa,
Aureora, and the famous White Beach.

The ksar is a guest house, which differs from the traditional hotel. First of all by its situation: do not forget that we are in the Desert, beautiful, sublime, beautiful, but demanding: rare water, no electricity, (generator in the evening). Sometimes violent
Sand winds, hinder the smooth running of services. But fortunately the good atmosphere, that our "hosts" fighters "make reign compensates for all these hazards.

The deriction: designer of this building, we maintain with love and passion, and wish to offer our guests the best of our professionalism. accommodation and cooking but also passionate about all terrain, raids hiking, we are able to advise you, and accompany you on exceptional sites. Various programs are at the "Map" .Faucibus id rhoncus sed, rhoncus id neque.